Truth and Dare is a podcast brought to you by Allie Van Fossen & Carly Talbott, that’s dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. Get excited because you’re joining a community that’s committed to breaking down barriers, living authentically, and supporting one another while we do it.

At Truth and Dare, we want to get real.

Real about what scares us, what moves us, and how to navigate everything in between. We’re about having the conversations that matter. So, whether its relationships, spirituality, anger & frustrations or cooking classes, nothing is off limits. Being a woman can be confusing, we get it. But, when we share our experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned, we can help each other grow into the strong badass women that you, me, and the world needs!

Thank you for joining the conversation, because while it’s  great just the two of us…

It’s so much better when we’re in it together.


Rise up: Understanding my feminism

    Me too. When I think about my perspective of my gender, my first thought is that it hasn’t played too significant a role in my life. What I mean is that, I always did everything I...

Knock-out the Burnout

    Sometimes, we just reach a breaking point. We all want success, but at what cost? Should we risk our health, sanity, relationships and overall happiness to get to where we want to be?...

Invest in yo’self!

    Relationships with money are… complicated. Depending on how we grow up, we tend to have very different views on how we spend and save money. For most people, money is not a topic that...

How to be Spiritually Stylish

    The clothes and accessories we buy and wear are an extension of our self love, self worth, and of our own spirituality. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Why do we buy the cheap heels from...

Feeling Uprooted AF

    With two houses in Southwest Florida and a sailboat dry docked on the Caribbean island of Antigua, it's safe to say that hurricane Irma rocked our little worlds. Between evacuating to...

Facing My Trauma Taught Me Self-Compassion

    Trauma. It’s a word we like to ignore, push to the side, pretend never happened or doesn’t exist. We don’t want it to happen to our loved ones, our children, our friends, or ourselves. But the...

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