Episode 63: How Speaking into the Mic has Changed Us

Episode 63: How Speaking into the Mic has Changed Us Say hello to our podcast anniversary episode, one that we intended to do once we hit the "one year podcasting mark", but somehow lost track of time. That's what happens when you are living your truth! Even though we...

Episode 62: Health Hacking with Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer

Episode 62: Health Hacking with Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer Have you ever had a pesky health condition pop up that you can't seem to find answers for? You visit the doctor, do all the "right" things, and still.... no relief. Are you nodding your head agreeing? So...

Episode 61: Group Therapy with Alyssa Kuzins

Episode 61: Group Therapy with Alyssa Kuzins This week, we're chatting with our dear friend and entrepreneur boss babe, Alyssa Kuzins of the Journal Deck. But, this episode is very different than our usual interviews. In fact, we don't even want to call it an...

Truth and Dare is a podcast brought to you by Allie Van Fossen & Carly Talbott that’s dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. Get excited because you’re joining a community that’s committed to breaking down barriers, living authentically, and supporting one another while we do it.

At Truth and Dare, we want to get real.

Real about what scares us, what moves us, and how to navigate everything in between. We’re about having the conversations that matter. Life is confusing, we get it. But, when we share our experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned, we can help each other grow into the strong women that you, me, and the world needs!

Thank you for joining the conversation, because while it’s  great just the two of us…

It’s so much better when we’re in it together.


Difficult Conversations

We all know the sinking feeling of when things start to get weird in a relationship: strange tension with our boss at work, a short temper with our partners, or weird energy with our best friend. Yeah, it’s not fun. Most of us would rather avoid confrontation like the...

10 Ways to Survive the Holidays

The holidays have arrived TAD tribe.... and we know how difficult and exciting this time of year can be. Whether you're attending more holiday parties than you can count, cooking food for a family of too many, or struggling with family tension/trauma - we all have a...

Living The Dream verus Chasing The Dream

Guest blog post from Renae: our podcast guest (listen to her interview here), a singer, songwriter, and conscious pop artist. “Hey 5 Seconds of Summer just told me it’s official, they are releasing our song on their new album!!” my co-writer friend, Mike, told me....

How to Create Big Magic (with books!)

    Drum roll please... We’re SO excited to announce that the Truth + Dare Book Club Challenge is finally here! So, what’s it all about? Our mission is to bring words to life through sisterhood with 30 days of creativity, connection, and community. Oh, and also… we...

Becoming Embodied

    It is extremely important that in any work I am doing, in anything that I am saying, and in any way that I express myself, that it comes from a place rooted in authenticity. It is a requirement of mine to know in every cell of my being that which I am sharing with...

Please, Forgive Yourself

    We'll never fully love and accept ourselves until we learn how to forgive ourselves. How many times have we all heard that? It’s said so often that it becomes easy to brush off and push aside. Forgiveness…. Yeah, yeah, yeah, WE KNOW. Maybe we get defensive and...

Do you Live Your Truth and Dare to Change?

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Awesome. This is the space for you.

Hollaaaa at us & let’s connect to share your message, collaborate on a partnership, or simply have a conversation.

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