Episode 23: Getting Unstuck: Navigating the Peaks + Valleys

    Episode 23: Getting Unstuck  Navigating the Peaks + Valleys How to get unstuck, isn't this the greatest mystery of them all, or at least to us it is! We both know the all too familiar sensation of rolling in our honey, seeing the peak but remaining in...

Episode 22: Partner Talk: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

    Episode 22: Partner Talk: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Partners, we seek them, we idolize them, we care for them, we love them, and we wouldn't be the same without them. But what happens when you find your partner not growing alongside you? What happens when...

Episode 21: Fuck Perfection

    Episode 21: Fuck Perfection Listen up ladies, it's time to change lanes, drop unrealistic expectations, and say - Fuck Perfection. In today's conversation, we share a vulnerable side of our worlds, current frustrations, chronic challenges, and how we're...

Truth and Dare is a podcast brought to you by Allie Van Fossen & Carly Talbott, that’s dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. Get excited because you’re joining a community that’s committed to breaking down barriers, living authentically, and supporting one another while we do it.

At Truth and Dare, we want to get real.

Real about what scares us, what moves us, and how to navigate everything in between. We’re about having the conversations that matter. So, whether its relationships, spirituality, anger & frustrations or cooking classes, nothing is off limits. Being a woman can be confusing, we get it. But, when we share our experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned, we can help each other grow into the strong badass women that you, me, and the world needs!

Thank you for joining the conversation, because while it’s  great just the two of us…

It’s so much better when we’re in it together.


Getting Unstuck: Navigating the Peaks and Valleys

    We're all trucking along through life. Home, family, work, friends, sleep, exercise, partners, TV, pets, cooking, errands, repeat. There is nothing wrong with falling into the patterns of our daily lives. In fact, it can be quite comforting, simple, and...

Partner Talk: Love ’em or Leave ’em?

    The path of living our truth and daring to change is usually an independent journey. No one is making us diver deeper, become authentic, and uncover the shadows of ourselves. That is on us and us alone. We decided to take this road, we are in charge of...

Fuck Perfection

    We all have that thing that gets to us. Acne, anxiety, cellulite, weight, stress, anger, illness, frustration….. you get it. Everyone has a crux. What do we mean by crux? The thing that never seems to go away; the thing that no matter how hard we try, we...

Defining Your Version of Success

    We've all heard the phrase, different strokes for different folks. Cheesy saying? Yes. But totally true? Also yes. Living according to our truth looks different for every person. For some, our truth may be about having the most kick ass professional...

How to Collaborate Like a Boss

    We're getting into the thick of things here at #TAD. What do we mean by that? Well, last week we dove head first into productivity. We jammed on the podcast & the blog about how to get shit done, and why it is so important to actually cross things...

How to Get Shit Done + Do the Work

    The journey toward uncovering our most authentic selves is dynamic. There are multiple moving parts that are all working together to help us find our truth each step of the way. Here at TAD, we like to break down these components into two sections....

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