10 Ways to Survive the Holidays

The holidays have arrived TAD tribe…. and we know how difficult and exciting this time of year can be. Whether you’re attending more holiday parties than you can count, cooking food for a family of too many, or struggling with family tension/trauma – we all have a bit of apprehension as the holidays draw near.
So we got together and brainstormed 10 ways to survive the holidays….. the Truth + Dare way. Many of these concepts you probably already know, but it’s always nice to refresh your memory with the should-dos, especially as life begins to swirl.
Here we go ladies, below are 10 ways to survive the holidays!


1. Nourish Yourself

….. aka drink a shitload of water this holiday season.

 Don’t use this time as an excuse to let everything go to shit and to feel terrible, or is that just doing that. Remember, drink an abundance of water to flush out the sodium, toxins, and possibly alcohol from your system. Eat your vegetables in-between the heavy, carb loaded meals, and do whatever you need/like to do in order to keep feeling good.


2. Gratitude is the Attitude

We’re all well aware how gratitude can impact our mindset and overall livelihood, but hey, it’s easy to fall off the path of practicing, so now is the perfect opportunity to either get back on or strengthen this positive habit.

Below are a few ways to start your gratitude train:

Create a gratitude journal

  • Write 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day or in the morning
  • Do this every day from Thanksgiving to New Years, then keep it going into 2018

Create a gratitude jar

  • Get a mason jar
  • Throughout the holiday season, anytime someone has a thought of gratitude/joy/love have them write it down and put it in the jar
  • Choose a time to open the jar with family and friends and read all of the entries

3.Get Involved

If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, we let Carly jam on this topic because she’s our resident nonprofit/charity speaker and one day, when we own our retreat center, this will be her department to  head up. And yes, we’re definitely dreaming a good 5 – 10 years in the distance.
How to get involved:
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit
  • serve food
  • donate gifts to children
  • donate to a charity

During the holidays, nonprofits are all raising their end of the year money, so if you can’t donate time, choose one that matters to you and send in a check before Dec. 31.

4. Share your Passions

Often times, we share our passions, interests, and curiosities with our friends and acquaintances, well before we share or explain them to our family members. Use this holiday seasons to share more openly about how you live your truth and dare to change.  And maybe, if you’re up for it, involve your family in your area of interest.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Make a healthy meal for your family, possibly introducing a vegetarian dish to them
  • Invite everyone to a yoga class with you or lead a yoga class for them (if you’re a teacher)
  • Open up about your creative endeavors and show people what you’ve been working on

5. Relax!

Yes, number five deserves an exclamation point at the end of it. While the holidays are about gathering and shared love, they are also a time of chaos, exhaustion, overwhelm, and simply too much on every level.
So we want to remind you to rellaxxxx and take it all in too. Here’s how:
  • Eat and drink without restrictions
    • enjoy where you are, you can always go back to water and veggies tomorrow
  • Stay up late
  • Go to the ugly sweater parties
  • Connect with friends that you don’t often see
  • Attend the holiday party that will keep you out late
  • Buy that dress you look incredible in
  • Take a long nap and don’t feel guilty about it
  • Ask for gifts that include relaxation, like a massage, pedi/mani, or facial

6. Connect with New People

Ladies, we’re living in a highly divided time in our country and it’s up to us to help bridge this divide. How do we do this though? We do it by growing our inner circles, connecting with new people, and seeing one another as human beings.

So reach out to someone your normally wouldn’t, introduce yourself to the person next to you at a yoga, reach out to that person on social media that feels like your long lost best friend, or ask a co-worker to grab happy hour drinks and dinner with you.

7. Disconnect from Technology

Not to be rude, buttttt, put your damn phone away. We only have this time of year once and it unfolds in an instance, family members and friends flock towards one another, we gather to share conversation, laughter, and love, and POOF, it’s all over.

We don’t want you to miss it because you’re looking at your phone. Here’s a few ways to challenge yourself this holiday season and disconnect from technology, so you can reconnect with your loved ones.

  • go an entire day without checking social media
  • go an entire meal without texting
  • leave your phone (on purpose) at home during a night out
  • put the phone outside of the room you are in

8. Give Love, not Presents

We’re not saying you shouldn’t receive a present or two or three, but also remember that materialistic items aren’t the end all, be all this holiday season.

Below are gifts ideas from the heart to get ya started:

  • Write your loved ones a heart felt note: dig deep and share with them what they mean to you instead of getting a mindless gift.
  • Make something: one year I (Carly) made dream catchers, etc.
  • Framed pictures of you and your loved ones together
  • Shop local whenever possible

9. De-stress

Similar to number five, RELAX!, is de-stress, except this holiday survival tip has a slightly different undertone. We know that everyone doesn’t have a beautifully intact family that gets along, we know that family and tension exists everywhere, we know that this time of year can place a lot of pressure on you and those surrounding you…. so this is your reminder to de-stress.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • exercise
  • take deep breaths when it’s all too much
  • take quiet time, like going for a walk, reading, or meditating
  • be patient with both your family and you

10. Embrace it!

We saved the best for last, EMBRACE IT ALL! This time of year only comes once, so sit back, surrender to the present moment, practice gratitude for the people and things in your life, find moments of quiet, enjoy yourself to the fullest, and let love lead the way (it usually knows where to go).

And from us to you, happy holidays, we love this community, and we hope your holidays are full of love too! Want to here us talk about these 10 survival tips together. Click here to listen to this week’s podcast episode!
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