Episode 47: The Alfie Diaries – Grocery Shacks, Sailing, Not Showering

Okay ladies, the time has come, we’re diving into our new worlds of sailing, living on the sea, and what boat life is really like.

Many of you are probably wondering…. What is it like to live on a boat? What is it like to live in the Caribbean? What is it like living with one another?

In this episode, we cover all of that and more.

And we thought to ourselves, why not make this a monthly tradition. So, welcome to the Alfie Diaries, part 1, coming to you from the island of Antigua.

In today’s episode, we bear it all, we take off our teacher/healer hat, and we are just us, Allie and Carly, two girls attempting to do something different in the world and live our truth.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The saga of the getting our belongings from custom
  • Learn where we grocery shop, aka the shacks we shop at
  • What type of meals we eat on board
  • Where we’ve sailed to thus far
  • Our frustrations with WIFI and why we’re constantly chasing it
  • What our neighborhood is like and who are our neighbors on the water
  • Where we plan to go to next…..

And of course, a lot of laughs, and two best friends navigating a friendship at sea (with their husbands and business in tow).

Come listen in and hit that play button, it’s time for the Alfie Diaries to begin!

Connect With Us (#TAD):

Truth + Dare: @truthanddaremovement
Allie: @thejourneyjunkie
Carly: @carlbott

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