Becoming Embodied

It is extremely important that in any work I am doing, in anything that I am saying, and in any way that I express myself, that it comes from a place rooted in authenticity.

It is a requirement of mine to know in every cell of my being that which I am sharing with the world. I want to know, feel, and be so saturated in whatever it is that I am devoting myself to that it oozes out of my being.

This often means that I move a little slower, my ventures take a little longer, and the way I do things don’t look the same as the societal norm. It means that I take a lot more time to be with myself and the things that I love. And, that people don’t always get it … which is perfectly alright with me.

There is something to be said for cultivating an intimate and personal relationship with a concept, a practice, a belief, or an idea before rushing out into the world and trying to make it a thing. Something so divine and sacred comes from the time that you give yourself to BECOME whatever it is you are falling in love with.

On the contrary, something is missed when we just ‘try on’ a concept, a practice, a belief, or an idea. We miss out on the experience of what I like to call, ‘becoming embodied’, because we don’t dive all the way into the thing that we are trying on.

Becoming embodied is a process of Surrender. It is an act of trust, patience, love, and ultimate devotion.

In our world, it seems as though everyone is running, pushing, and forcing to be, do, or make something before someone else does. There’s a very small number of people (and this number is slowly growing) who are opening, allowing, walking slowly, and inviting in the experiences that are wanting to be made, to be known, and to be shared through them.

This opening is how we become embodied. It is not something that we do or pursue, it is something that does and pursues us. We open our hearts, say yes to love, and simply let go and trust.

In the process of becoming embodied there is little space for haste, fear, competition, and grasping. There is, however, infinite space for patience, trust, love, and receptivity.

In the process of becoming embodied we let go and say ‘no more’ to the crazy pressures that we have subconsciously agreed to accept as real and as important.

Our society has given us this formula:

  • do A and B – don’t question it, just do it.
  • Then, get to C and work your ass off until…
  • D (death).

… No more!

The goal is to move away from this illusory formula for living. But we have to be careful, because it still pops up in the spiritual world.

If we apply this current pattern to something that is desiring to bring us to inner truth and freedom, we miss out on the jewels. Instead, we’ll find ourselves running into the same hurts, angers, pains, anxieties and fears as we would if we were living in the paradigm.

The goal is to return to the old ways of being. There, we understood on a profound level that each one of us came into being with a Soul imprint, and the real mission in life was to just be. Our purpose was to love life so much and to tune into our heart space so innately that our destiny bloomed from that space. By loving life and tuning in we were nurturing and feeding that destiny into becoming.

In the old days, there was no doing, pursuing, grasping, forcing, trying. There was surrendering, being, allowing, and loving.

This way of being, the old way, is the feminine way. It is a way steeped in compassion, fierce grace, and wisdom.  It is a way filled with so much faith that the people who embrace it are filled with knowing, devotion, and trust, and they find themselves in little to no hurry. They discover the beauty in every moment. And eventually, their destiny starts to find them.

These people are experiencing the deep and profound fulfillment of the process of becoming embodied and rising in the sacred and divine feminine.

I share this, now, because it is so deeply important to me. This is a call to action- or actually- non-action. I invite you to welcome in the experience and process of becoming embodied.

If you practice yoga, approach it from a place of surrender. Try a couple classes without a goal in mind, just go and be in the experience. If you have a spiritual practice, participate in your practice without a goal in mind. You are not practicing to master anything, you are not practicing to get anywhere, you are not practicing to attain or achieve anything, you are practicing because you love the practice.

Participate in your practice in this way until you feel it alive in your bones, until it is beating in your heart, and until it is speaking to you. Practice in this way until your practice has become you. I truly feel that when we force or grasp at anything and manipulate it to serve us,we miss out on something deeper, something longer-lasting, and the transformative power that drew us to a certain practice in the first place.

Invite this idea into your heart and whenever you can, go slow with the things you love. Allow them to capture your excitement, let yourself love and be loved by the things that capture you, and be a little selfish before you share them with others.

Practice this, and you will become embodied.

With love,


Listen to our conversation about becoming embodied with Ashley Smith here.

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