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Breaking the Mold: How to Take Risks, Manifest Change, and Create Your Reality

There are a lot of crazy life changes happening over here at TAD. Between leaving jobs, moving homes, switching states, buying sailboats, and growing this community, we are busy ladies.

Are we scared? Of course.

Are we certain that we’re making all the right choices? Definitely not.

Are we getting backlash from society? YES, DUH.

All of this is true.

But so is the fact that we’re ready for adventure, enamored with breaking out of the ‘box’ and building the life of our dreams, and not quite ready to settle down, yet.

We could keep jamming on this, but lucky for you, a beautiful blog post on this topic already exists in Journey Junkie land.

Check it out here.

And remember, if you’re scared it probably means you’re making the right choice. Hold on tight, babes!

Listen to our podcast episode about Breaking the Mold here.

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