Episode 31: Climbing the Ladder and not Falling Down: A Boss Babes Story of Avoiding the Burnout

Welcome to the episode that has us girl crushing over here, an interview with Melyssa Griffin, an online educator, podcast host, and leading boss babe in the business space.

This woman has played an important role in both of our businesses (TAD + JJ), teaching us the foundations of online marketing, how to create an authentic community, and how to believe in yourself so that financial and location freedom are possible.

…..and her method works, because as you know, we’re leaving to go sailing indefinitely! Pssstt, new to the TAD tribe, listen in about our sailing trip here.

So what can you expect from today’s conversation:

Melyssa shares how she became inspired to start a blog, what it was like to gain massive momentum in a short amount of time, how she lost her way during the process, and the steps she had to take to reconnect and pursue her purpose.

She also gives us incredible advice on how to stay connected to creativity, manage our time effectively, partner with organizations that are helping those in need, and most importantly, how to not place our self-worth into one situation or outcome.

We learned a lot from Melyssa and truly enjoyed chatting with her and we know you will too! Now click the play button, relax, and come listen in!

Learn about Melyssa:

Melyssa Griffin is an online educator and podcast host.

Within 4 years, she grew her website into a multi-million dollar company and now helps entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses to create a life of freedom and creativity. With a community of over 200,000 business owners and self-development junkies, she’s a leading voice in the online business space.

Melyssa also hosts the Pursuit With Purpose podcast, which covers topics like meditation, relationships, and mindset in order to help her community reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. Past guests include Deepak Chopra, Danielle LaPorte, and Mark Manson.

Where to Find Melyssa:

Mentioned in this Episode:

“If you’re earning a decent amount of money at a young age, you’re still finding yourself and its easier to lose who you are and that sense of identity, and to think that this achievement is your entire self worth and if that goes away, then so does all of your self-love.” – Melyssa

“Surrendering to the outcomes of my business,  and knowing  if I do my best and work as hard as I can, then whatever happens after that is out of my control. It takes a lot of practice. What I realized is I need to practice it every day, work on the surrender muscle, and make it part of my identity.” – Melyssa

“To get into the flow, you just have to do it. The motivation doesn’t come randomly, not just struck by inspiration, and waiting for it can be very dangerous because they don’t come very often.” – Melyssa

Three word practice by Brendon Burchard:

  • what three words does your highest self embody
  • set a daily alarm on your phone with these three words
  • ask yourself if you’re living up to these words and rate your answer on a scale from 1- 10

Einstein combinatory play principle – read about it here.

Pomodoro Technique – read about it here.

People who inspire Melyssa:

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