Episode 30: Dolla Dolla Bills: How to Invest in Yourself (and not feel bad about it)

Get ready #TADTRIBE, today’s episode is a no frills conversation talking about dolla dolla bills (aka money) and how to flip your perspective on making it, spending it, and investing with it.

Here’s what you can expect.

We reminisce about how our relationship with money came to be, taking it back to when we hopped across the pond and called Italy our home. This was our first BIG lesson in how to take risks, invest in what fuels our happiness, and create a positive foundation for future endeavors ahead, like…..

  • becoming a yoga teacher
  • booking a Kripalu weekend workshop
  • attaining a master’s degree
  • saving for our sailboat dream

Butttt, hold up. What is the actual process of changing your mindset towards money and how do we continue to do it?

We dive head first into what works for us, like viewing money as energy, knowing that there is an abundance of dolla dolla bills to be made, our willingness to serve tables time and time again, and remaining  committed to whatever the end goal is.

And as always, we end by sharing how you can get started and begin to embrace a positive money mindset. We can’t give too much away, but there is a four step process that paves the way to investing in YOU (and not feeling bad about it). Here’s how it unfolds:

  • Get to work
  • Get clear about what you want to invest in
  • Take action
  • Forgive yourself along the way

And this is where it’s time for you to hit that play button, come listen in, and start building a foundation to invest in YOU so that you can continue to live your truth and dare to change!

p.s. – We made it to 30 episodes, sayyyyy whattt! Thanks for tuning in and supporting us each week, we couldn’t do it with you.

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