Episode 34: Awakening your Divine Feminine through Sacred Tea with Ashley Smith

Welcome to our longest podcast episode to date and one we could’ve continued for at least another hour…. yes, there was THAT MUCH to talk about.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Ashley Smith, a student, healer, and facilitator who is devoting herself to the spiritual cultivation of women and awakening the divine feminine. Ashley does this through healing modalities like sacred tea ceremonies, moon circles, meditation classes, menstruation workshops, and yearly retreats.

But how did she get started and why is she deeply devoted to this purpose?

We take a major DEEP DIVE into Ashley’s story and learn about the synchronistic events that led her from a conventional path of pursuing a college degree to living in SE Asia for three years, to discovering sacred tea and learning alongside a world master, to returning to the states and developing her business as a sacred healer and continuing her purpose with pilgrimages to Glastonbury, England.

As we learn about Ashley’s story, we also touch on topics like addiction and living a life of recovery, how the universe sends us packages of pain and the more extreme they are, the greater the gift is, how living our purpose leads to a narrower path and how it’s all to easy to live with one toe in and one toe out, and how our current climate is a call to arms for all women to rise up and awaken the divine feminine that lives within.

So #TADTRIBE, if this feminist talk is speaking to you, then come listen in, learn about Ashley’s story, and begin to connect with the beautiful, powerful, and sacred woman that you already are!

Learn about Ashley:

Ashley Smith is a student, mentor, healer and teacher of spiritual cultivation who has spent the past 3 years traveling and living abroad in pursuit of furthering her understanding of Self and her connection to all things Spirit. She studied in the tradition of ” Cha Dao”, the way of tea, under world renowned tea master and Buddhist monk, Wu De, during her time living in Asia. It was while studying tea that she met her most influential Spiritul mentor, healer and dear sister, Taylor Phinny Russell who she has been working with, learning from and assisting on Spiritual pilgrimages to the sacred lands of Glastonbury, U.K. Known as the heart chakra planet Earth, Glastonbury is steeped in the energy of the Goddess and is a spiritual mecca for all awakening to their ancient selves. Since returning to her roots in St. Petersburg, she primarily spends her time holding sacred individual and group tea ceremonies, rituals, and energetic healings for those in the community seeking to cultivate deep inner stillness, healing and peace. She also teaches weekly meditation and workshops for on sacred menstruation and leads multiple women’s retreats yearly. It is her gift and her purpose to help women find harmony through the awakening of the Divine Feminine and re-connection with Mother Earth.

Where to Find Ashley:

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Universe will send us packages, these gifts, and the more extreme it is, the bigger the gift.
  • I kept walking forward and going through the motions of believing, saying F fear along the way
  • Oneness by Rasha (book she mentions)
  • It was like a chord through me and all the past generations of women in my family was severed, breaking a generational, passed down pattern.
  • This was an opportunity to break these conditions and patterns that have played out generationally for the women in my family of thinking we need a man to take care of us or going for the men who have issues and can’t show up in the way we deserve.
  • I need to pay attention to my body, what’s going on when I’m having goosebumps or heart flutters, these are moments when I need to tune in.
  • Tea is a feminine practice, the plant spirit is feminine, and in the tradition it’s seen as a medicine that heals your physical body, while cultivating spiritual experiences in your life.
  • “When you drink the tea, does the tea become you or do you become the tea.” – Wuda
  • The more you do this work and commit to the path, the more narrow the road becomes and we’re asked to constantly examine what’s around us, what we’re consuming, who we’re hanging out with, and where we’re spending our energy and the world will reconfigure and give you new things as it all unfolds. So while it gets more narrow, it expands too.
  • Louise Hay
  • Rich Roll podcast episode – Zen & the Art & Importance of Living Tea
  • Wude – the global tea hut in Taiwan 
  • Taylor Phinny Russell – Ashley’s tea teacher
  • Gongfu – type of tea serving method in ceremony

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