Episode 39: Behind the Scenes of Food Blogging with Cookie + Kate

Confession time ladies.

We’re both major foodies over here, like kinda, sorta obsessed with what we eat for every damn meal. It’s something we both share in common and also something that both our husbands could do without….. think indecision to the max, very particular about what restaurant we eat at, and always in need of a fresh, well-made meal.

So naturally, it was about time we asked a food blogger to join us on the show! TAD Tribe, meet Kate, from Cookie and Kate.

Kate is a well-known and well-loved food blogger that shares fresh, wholesome recipes via her blog and cookbook (yes, she has a damn cookbook). She is also the soul creator behind all recipe development, cooking, photography, and writing on her site. But Kate wasn’t always a chef…..

Her blogging journey started as a hobby with zero intentions to create or share food recipes, but what it did include was Cookie, her beloved dog. After growing tired of Cookie’s portraits, Kate shared a salsa recipe and the rest was history. She fell down the adventurous rabbit hole of food blogging and hasn’t stopped falling (or shall we say rising) since.

In today’s conversation, we walk through Kate’s story and learn the behind the scenes of food blogging, like how she stays inspired to keep researching, testing, and sharing new recipes, her organizational hacks that help keep it all together, what it’s like to develop and create a cookbook, and her favorite way to practice self-care.

If you love food, you’re going to love this conversation! But if you love food blogging or are considering starting a food blog, then this conversation was made for you!

Come join us, learn with us, and yes, get hungry with us too!

Learn about Kate:

Kathryne Taylor is the author of Love Real Food and the personality behind the hugely popular blog Cookie + Kate, named after her crumb-catching dog Cookie. In seven years, the vegetarian and all-natural food blog has grown from a hobby to a full-time project, and now garners over two million visits per month. Kathryne researches, develops, cooks, photographs, and writes every recipe on the blog. Originally from Oklahoma, she now lives in Kansas City.

Where to Find Kate:

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Seasonal recipe lists to organize ideas for the future (we love this idea).
  • Tips for food photography – take photos in natural light, always. Get yourself a tripod and upgrade your camera.
  • “If you just practice, practice, and practice, you’ll develop your own style.”
  • Pro tip for food photography: use creamy white dishes over blue white for a softer, richer feel
  • Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan
  • “I don’t have a giant vegetarian label on the blog and that’s important to me because I mostly want to entice people to cook more meatless meals or shrink the amount of meat on their plate.”
  • Minimalist Baker
  • What to Cook this Season
  • Organizational tool (that we use too): Evernote
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Connect With Us (#TAD):

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Carly: @carlbott

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