Episode 40: We Moved to the Caribbean

Oh island life, you are everything we hoped for and everything we weren’t ready for.

Today’s episode is all about this conundrum, moving to a new world, settling into a new way of living, while also thinking to ourselves…. what the hell have we gotten ourselves into. 

With only one week of being in the Caribbean, it’s obvious that our creature comforts no longer exist, like fast, reliable wifi, organic food, air conditioning, an easy to use kitchen, filtered water, a washer and dryer, an abundance of gluten free crackers and hummus, and oh man this list could drag on forever……

But in all actuality, everything and everyone is okay. We’re cooking as normal as we can, working with what we have, walking to buy groceries, stopping at the coffee shop when our wifi cuts out, and sleeping with fans at the foot of our beds.

And, we’re together.

Two best friends. Two married couples. And two men who are quickly becoming best friends too!

So sit back, tune into how we’re adapting to this new way of living, and of course – we throw in a live your truth + dare to change lesson too!

Episode 58: WTF Does Your Live Your Truth even Mean

Episode 58: WTF Does Your Live Your Truth Even Mean? Ladies, today we are unpacking what it means to live our truth, to which you might be thinking........ but girls, don't you do this in every podcast conversation? Yes, this is always the foundation for what we share...

  • Its day one of the YES to who I am
  • Ok ladies this is it One more day to sign
  • 2 days left whos saying YES with us? link in
  • Do you put almost everyone else before yourself making sure
  • NEW EPISODE ALERT Here we are in this picture smiling