Episode 41: How two women discovered their Big Magic

Well, we did it. We wrapped up 30 days of connectivity, connection, and community in the Truth + Dare Book Club Challenge.

The challenge brought together over 3,000 likeminded women who were ready to experience BIG MAGIC (and read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert). In this episode, we talk about the challenge: what it was, how it worked, and how it felt to be a part of it.

In order to get the full experience of what it’s like to be in one of our groups, we decided to go straight to the source. We’ve invited two book club challengers on the show today, Amber & Lisa, to talk about what it was like to be part of the challenge. We talk about their breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, challenges faced, and overall feelings of what it was like to spend 30 days focusing on themselves, growing as women, and finishing a damn book!

But, that’s not all.

The book club challenge was just a taste… get excited because in this episode we’re officially revealing the Truth + Dare book club for 2018. That’s right, we’re doing this damn thing all year long next year.

What do we mean? Don’t worry, we dive into it in the show… but we will say this: if you’re ready to become the best version of yourself, learn new material, challenge your present beliefs, develop an epic self-care practice, and do it all alongside likeminded women, then you are going to want to hear this conversation.

Hit that play button, come listen in, and decide for yourself – are you ready to become the best version of you in 2018?

Mentioned in this Episode:

Amber and Lisa shared with us their experience with the 30 day book club challenge, here’s some things they said:

  • The book club challenge was a great way to connect with likeminded women
  • Being given 4 weeks to read the book works really well because it gives you the space to absorb and process the material presented in the book without feeling rushed.
  • The guided meditations were light and open, giving you the space and permission to dive as deeply as you want to so that you don’t feel too uncomfortable.
  • The podcasts were the perfect compliment to the book to help drive the message home.
  • The podcast conversations validate the feelings of readers because it makes you feel like you are not alone in sharing breakthrough moments, moments of confusion, etc. They make the reader more confident about what they are getting out of the text.
  • Journal prompts can be scary, but they have the ability to crack you open if you allow them to.
  • The private Facebook group is safe and supportive – it is a training ground for life. There, we are able to share all of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that we are going through before we decide to take them into real life. It is a safe place to keep you accountable and to share what you’ve learned as a group.
  • The private groups help us reset how we react to each other as women, it takes us away from comparison and towards support and love.
  • This process has helped me renegotiate my relationship with fear and unleash years of suppressed creativity!
  • By investing in this book club, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The content you will receive far outweighs the monetary value!

Here are some things we want you to remember:

  • Remember, the book club challenge was only a taste of what you will receive in the year long book club.
  • Each book in the book club takes you to a place that will be transformative for your personal growth in 2018.
  • Book club entry ends Dec 29th at 12 PM EST and the doors won’t re-open for months, possibly another year! This is it!
  • Click here to enter.

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