Episode 43: Creativity, Social Change, and Feminism with Kimothy

Artwork, poetry, music, and writing… they are a commonality that many of us share. These creative realms have the power to transcend languages, multicultural barriers, and can connect people who otherwise may be separated. Given the current political climate in many parts of the world, using the power of art to leverage social and cultural change is more important than ever before.

Enter today’s amazing episode guest: Kimothy Joy.

Kimothy is a Denver-based artist who creates illustrations made with joy to spark social change. She partners with people and organizations on social-awareness campaigns to inspire thought and action.

Specializing in watercolor and ink drawings, she often paints pictures of heroines of the past and present and seeks to offer a sincere and hopeful message of empowerment for women and girls. (You may have seen her images popping up all over social media during the Women’s March on Washington).

Maintaining the belief in the power of art and creativity to drive social change, she primarily focuses on working with individuals and companies who strive to make the world a better, more equitable, place for all.

…yeah, she’s pretty cool.

In this conversation, the three of us dive deep on myriad of topics, some of them are:

  • How to cultivate inspiration, especially when we’re feeling blah.
  • Why it’s so important to depict heroines in art and the media, and the impact that has on women and girls around the world.
  • What Kimothy’s creative process looks like.
  • How to create inclusive environments both between women and through art, media, and self-expression.
  • Why it’s imperative that we speak up on the issues that we’re passionate about.
  • GIRL POWER on all levels!

This conversation was so easy to have, we felt like Kimothy was our long lost friend.

If you believe in the power of women to change the world, the ability of art (in all forms) to heal and inspire, and that when we stand up for what is right true transformation is possible… then this episode is for you!

Mentioned in this Episode:


  • About her artwork and being a creator…. What is my manifesto? What am I trying to contribute? What are my messages saying? What kind of energy am I putting out into the world and online? What am I for and what am I against?
  • My mother was my first best friend, my first role model, my first example of what it is to be a woman.
  • My focus on women, wanting to paint them, share their words, and celebrate them, it comes from my sense of disconnection to womanhood, growing up in a household of men, and losing my mother and direct lineage to her at 25. I’ve been rebuilding the pieces since then and formulating my own identity as an independent women in the world without her guidance.Inspiration is everywhere, specifically in the present moment. It’s also found:
    • In poetry
    • Absorbing podcasts
    • Painting portraits of women throughout history.
    • Kimothy asks herself….. “What would my mom tell me about this political climate, what words of advice, what would she say to me in this moment? What would other women tell me from the past about the present?”

Thats what she said  – what started as an idea is now being turned into a published book! This is a collection of 50 portraits of trailblazing women throughout history that shares a painting, short bio, and their words. A few of the women are:

  • Frida Kahlo
  • Marie Curie
  • Maya Angelou
  • Maxine Waters

What’s your creative process like, how do you summon the creative genius?

  • Stop, listen, and write it down!
  • Staying inspired or accepting when you’re in reflection
  • Cultivating patience around this, I’m not into it, but still going to sit down and try, it might not be great, but I’m going to stick to the time slot in my schedule, even if what I create is complete trash.
  • Rituals to align her space – buying a candle to mark the beginning of project, enjoying a cocktail, background music to motivate me, or a podcast to bring me into the moment.
  • Coffee dates with inspiring people or friends in the morning where we ask each other… “What if and what are the solutions?” When I leave, I’ll sit down and create from that space of inspiration.

  • Artwork, poetry, writing, and music…. it’s a fundamental commonality that we all share, it transcends languages, multicultural barriers, and is a common connector for us, so leveraging this during political turmoil has been and will continue to be so important.
  • My journey as an artist is also about looking at my role in what I’m sharing, whose included, and whose not included, seen, or heard…. I try to be really aware of this and consider it before sitting down to paint.
  • In the past, I used to not speak up or share/create political artwork because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, offend anyone, or make it worse, but that complacency and silence can be even more dangerous than not speaking out.
  • For Fox Sake: a monthly community meeting in Denver.

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