Episode 44: Difficult Conversations, How to Have Them, the Truth + Dare Way

Difficult conversations, where to start.

Most of you know, we’re currently living in the Caribbean and moved onto a sailboat with each other and our husbands. And as you can imagine, there’s been an adjustment period!

Let us paint a clear picture for you….

Four people confided to 52 feet, two couples adjusting to each other and one another, best friends learning how to be roommates, and business besties learning how to work side-by-side all.the.damn.time. Yes, it’s been difficult, awkward as hell, and challenging, but, there’s a big but.

Instead of avoiding the difficult conversation or sweeping it under the rug (hoping it wouldn’t reveal itself later), we chose to be vulnerable, live our truth, and dare to change the situation. And not only did we solve our challenges with grace + ease, we also laid a strong as hell foundation for the future.

A foundation that’s built upon honest communication, sharing our innermost fears with one another and about one another, releasing blocked energy (aka that feeling when you can’t breathe), and taking action to continue growing stronger – together.

Now to be frank, it wasn’t easy to talk to one another versus about one another. It was uncomfortable, scary, and a bit heart wrenching…. but, we’re getting better at.

One conversation at a time.

And because this podcast is dedicated to empowering women, we truly believe this is a monumental lesson to share. Monumental because it breaks the women tearing other women down cycle, better known as gossip. It’s a lesson that challenges our ability to communicate, listen intently, meet people where they are, learn the art of quiet-time amidst pain, and create closure to move forward.

If you’re ready to break the cycle with us, now is your chance. Hit that play button and come listen in.


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  • Eastern Body, Western Mind

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