Episode 45: WTF is Self-Love? and…. a yoga retreat reveal!

Happy day to love yourself, or what’s properly known as Valentine’s Day! Sigh. Don’t you just love the societal pressure to have the perfect day of love, surrounded by rose petals, dining at the swankiest place, and sipping on champagne.

Well, we hate it, and we call bullshit.

We’ve been hypnotized a time or two by this day, but this year, we’re not playing game. And, we invite you to not play game too.

In today’s podcast episode, we unpack how this proclaimed day of love can be shifted to love ourselves, our most important relationship, and what the term self-love even means.

….. which in all honesty, we’re still learning what it means, how to practice it, and definitely how to teach it.

We also unpack the all too familiar world of being a woman and how we’re taught everything but self-love, leading to an endless war against who we are. It starts when we’re young, dressing to impress our fellow females, it then travels with us into marriage/relationships, attempting to be the best “wife”, and it then comes with us into motherhood, where we enter the mommy wars.

And so and so on, the pressure to perform follows us through life, leaving no room for self-love to live here.

But how do we fix what we’ve been taught? How do we change what we’ve been practicing for a lifetime?

We start small by making one good decision a day. Trust us, this small shift will lead to big changes, but you must stick with it. And we find the easiest way to stay focused on your small changes is to connect with your sisters (likeminded women who get you).

So, this is what we propose!

Come meet us, connect with us, and practice self-love with us in Costa Rica!

Yes, you read that right, we are heading to Costa Rica this summer and we’re inviting you to come along too. You can learn more about your invitation when you hit that play button or by clicking the link below.

Read the retreat details + reserve your spot now!

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