Episode 46: Social Media Detox, Lessons from Living on the Sea

Social media. We love it, we hate it. We’re addicted, we’re disgusted. We crave it, we can’t wait to never look it at again.

What. is. the. deal?

Yeah, we’re trying to figure it out, too… which is exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode.

You see, we’ve moved onto a sailboat in the Caribbean with our husbands, and it’s had us seriously reevaluating our priorities. When we left the creature comforts of 24/7 5-speed LTE internet at home, we were forced to actually… live.

And live is exactly what we’ve been doing.

We’ve spent the last 6 weeks exploring what life is like when we detach from our phones. In this episode, we jam on how freaking hard it has been to separate from scrolling (the addiction is real, ladies), while simultaneously ranting on how free we feel. We discuss our decisions NOT to film and document every aspect of our lives, some beautiful habits we’ve formed since allowing ourselves some space from Instagram, and some tips and tricks on what you can do if you’re interested in implementing some social media boundaries in your own life.

There is so much beauty in technology, it allows us to connect with each other in ways other generations only dreamed of… like the way we are connecting right now, in this moment! The problem is when social media moves from a tool for connection, inspiration, and community to a comparison trap that leaves us feeling less than, unworthy, and not enough.

Yeah, we’re not cool with that.

In fact, we’re so passionate about this topic that we created a social media detox worksheet to go along with today’s episode.

To get your free detox worksheet, fill out the form below ↓

Here’s to embracing a new “normal” with our phones, a normal that helps us maintain healthy boundaries, gather inspiration from likeminded people, and feel happy, healthy, and beautiful every time we open those darn apps.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Gratitude Prayer: “Thank you for another glorious day on this planet. May I be happy, healthy, loving & kind, and patient with myself and others. Today is gift, and I am so grateful.”

  • There is a sacred moment that occurs after meditation to connect with your intuition
  • Practice You journal by Elena Brower
  • Less connection on social media = more connection with each other
  • Not being able to stay constantly connected to the internet brings us closer to our truth, and helps us not be so influenced by everyone else’s stories (aka the Instagram trap).
  • Why the F do we follow people who make us feel fraudy, unworthy, and less than? Let’s UNFOLLOW THEM!
  • Create the internet landscape that supports you in living your truth
  • Test yourself, turn off social media for one day… how does it feel?
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself, it is very hard to change learned behavior.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes

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