Episode 54: The FINAL Alfie Diaries…. yes, it’s True!

Carly here to tell you that today’s episode is as raw and real as it gets.

Life takes us on all kinds of journeys. My most recent journey lead me onto a sailboat, with Allie and our husbands, to the southern end of the Caribbean.

And oh what a journey it has been. One filled with literally every range of emotion: bliss, awe, anger, frustration, confusion, excitement, and all the human feelings in between. There is nothing else like living and traveling on a sailboat. Honestly, nothing. Until you try it, you’d never know if you liked it, loved it, or absolutely hated it.

I, myself fell into all three of those categories: I liked it, I loved it, and at times… I really hated it.

I didn’t dislike sailing because of what you may be thinking. It wasn’t because I was mad at Allie (although we had our moments) or because I was tired of getting seasick and wearing nausea patches all the time, it was bigger than that.

I kept having this nagging feeling like I was not where I was supposed to be. 

Do any of you know what I mean? Like you’re doing the thing you set out to do (the job, the career, the relationship, whatever), and by the time you get there you realize… this wasn’t made for me at all.

This is what kept happening to me.

I started to feel stuck. Like I had so many ideas, goals, and aspirations that I was ready to tackle, but I couldn’t do them from where I was. I started realizing that sailing around the world on a sailboat was not my dream, but someone else’s. I finally woke up to the realization that it was time for me to be the leader in my own life and to stop following in the footsteps of other people around me. (talkin’ to you, Al.)

But it’s time for me to bravely walk into my own greatness. There are things I need to do, a career I need to build, and a calling that I must follow, and it has to happen off of my beloved cubby inside of Alfie.

Yup, I’m leaving the boat. Permanently.

Am I alone in this? Have you felt like where you are isn’t where you belong? Like you’re living someone else’s dream? Are you ready to take a leap and lead for the first time in your life? Are you scared shitless to do it? All this and more is being unpacked in this episode, so don’t miss out. Listen in NOW!

May we continue to build this tribe on vulnerability and walk bravely towards our truth and away from those things that just aren’t working….even if those things are really fun and involve Caribbean sunsets and rum punch with your best friend.

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Why trusting yourself is so hard, but so necessary
  • Your gut knows what to do
  • It’s okay when things do not work out as expected
  • True friendship means supporting each other through the hardest moments
  • Recognize that what’s best for you isn’t always what’s best for everyone
  • It’s intimidating to step out and lead on your own
  • Friends make fears less scary
  • It’s time to let go of Alfie (for Carly) and to move forward

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Carly: @carlbott

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