Episode 55: How to Embrace Fear and Practice Courage with Kate Swoboda

Ever interested in how your daily habits become second nature? Or why you practice certain habits on repeat, even though they’re not helping you live your truth?

In today’s podcast conversation, we connect with Kate Swoboda – a writer and facilitator on the topic of habit-formation and psychological courage. Kate’s work is grounded in helping individuals and organizations let go of fear-based patters that no longer work for them….. think things like procrastination (our worst enemy), self-sabotage, people pleasing, and perfectionism (another one could do without).

But what happens after you let go, what’s the next step?

Great question and one that we unpack throughout our conversation today! Kate teaches us that by viewing fear as an old wound, and not something we can get rid of, we can begin to replace our fear-based habits with four research-backed practices that she labels as courage habits (psst: learn more about these habits in her new book).

These are: accessing the body, listening with non-attachment, reframing the story, and creating and reaching out to community.

You’ll get to hear both how Kate’s used these in her own life, and how she recommends we use them with our personal fear-based, no longer serving us thoughts and actions.

We promise, this is a conversation that will have you grabbing your pen (take notes ladies), inspire you to heal your fear, and take action to practice courage today.

Hit that play button sisters, come listen in!




Kate Swoboda is creator of YourCourageousLife.com, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification at TribeCLCC.com and author of The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life. She helps individuals, teams, and companies see where old, fear-based habits have kept people stuck or started to limit what’s possible for an organization, and then start creating more courageous lives by getting into “the courage habit,” a four-part process for behavioral and organizational change.


Kate has appeared in MindBodyGreen, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, Business Insider, and more, and her website Your Courageous Life was named a top-50 blog for happiness by Greatist. She’s spoken at conferences and seminars on the topic of courage as it relates to personal development, releasing overwhelm, business and marketing, money mindset, wellness, increasing emotional resilience, and healthy goal-setting using habit-formation techniques.

Mentioned in this Episode:


  • “A life that looks good on paper, but doesn’t feel good in the inside – that’s not a life.” – Kate
  • “No such thing as fearless, however there is resilience.” – Kate
  • Fear-based patterns: perfection, people pleasing, procrastination, pessimism
  • Courage habits: accessing the body, listening without attachment, reframing the story, creating and reaching out to community
  • Brené Brown
  • Elizabeth Gilbert 

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