Episode 56: Learning to Let Go and Live with Kendall from Arrow Living

Truth bomb TAD Tribe, us two ladies are not sport aficionados,  actually we couldn’t be anything further from that, so when today’s guest reached out to us…… we weren’t too sure how this conversation would go. Would we be drowning in sports lingo or would we have a meaningful, live your truth kinda conversation?

As you can guess, we had the latter.

Ladies, meet Kendall, a women’s professional soccer player and the creator of Arrow Living  – a blog/podcast that’s dedicated to female athletes and helping them play in the most fulfilling way possible.

So, what do two women like us have in common with a professional athlete?

In today’s episode, we unpack this.

We touch on what it feels like to be dedicated to something so deeply that you risk your health and livelihood, why letting go is the ultimate freedom, how not having it all figured out is actually beneficial, and why supporting women as a collective is not only important, but how we will change the conversation.

And oh, there’s one more thing.

Kendall had to trudge through terrible setbacks in her career, like an ACL tear and a concussion that lasted over a year, and yet – she still came back to the sport she loves (soccer) and this time, without the attachment that so many of us experience.

Ready to listen into a brand new interview? Hit that play button babe, and come meet Kendall with us!


Kendall Johnson is a professional soccer player born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She played collegiately at University of Portland, represented the United States in the U20 World Cup in Germany, and now competes professionally in the National Women’s Soccer League. In 2015, Kendall suffered a concussion while playing overseas in Australia. After a year and a half of intensive therapy, she returned to the game she loved. This experience completely changed Kendall’s perspective about what it means to be an athlete and human. Her revelations spurred the creation of Arrow Living, a blog and podcast that provides stories, interviews, and tips to empower female athletes to play in the most fulfilling way possible. In her free time, Kendall loves writing, reading, yoga-ing, cooking, and Facetiming her family dog.

Learn More about Kendall:

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • “When you truly let go, that’s when things start to open up in your life.” – Kendall
  • “There’s something about health that really makes you re-evaluate what you believe in and who you are. I had to figure out who I was as Kendall, not just the soccer player.” – Kendall
  • “Who I am outside of this role, this title, who am I?” – Allie
  • Louise Hay: affirmations and meditations 
  • “It always is the hardest moments that bring us the most profound transformation and clarity.” – Carly
  • “The biggest thing for me is reminding myself, why I am playing.” – Kendall
  • “If we’re just grinding and grinding, it’s not as effective or fun as being more intentional with how we go about things.” – Kendall
  • “A lot of female athletes tend to go to the masculine route, because that’s what we’ve been told, when actually they’e cutting off a part of themselves that would them an even better athlete if they were able to channel that letting go.” – Kendall

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