Episode 58: WTF Does Your Live Your Truth Even Mean?

Ladies, today we are unpacking what it means to live our truth, to which you might be thinking…….. but girls, don’t you do this in every podcast conversation? Yes, this is always the foundation for what we share with you, but today, we have a special treat for you.

After hitting the record button for over a year, sharing our stories and souls, and committing to both reading and finishing our books together, we-think-we-kinda-sorta-know what it means to live our truth. So in today’s conversation, we’re sharing what we’ve learned along this journey, and inviting you to come experience it with us too.

Experience it with us? Say whatttttt. Yes sister, you heard us, we are inviting you to come live your truth with us.

Welcome to the Yes to Who I am Challenge.

This challenge is a three day journey that deep dives into what it means to say YES to who you are by exploring truth pillars that bring you closer to your TRUEST you. The experience includes daily truth activities like a workbook, private podcast conversation, and a guided meditation, and we send you daily emails introducing the theme and reminding you to do the work and live your truth.

And the best part babe, it’s completely free.

To learn more about the challenge and SAY YES to this journey, click here to come join us.

And if you’re kinda-sorta-on-the-fence about joining another challenge, we completely understand, and recommend tuning into today’s podcast conversation. We cover the three pillars of truth that are helping us dare to change and stay committed to this movement. Below is a sneak peak of what we cover (and the foundation for the upcoming challenge).

  • Learning how to lighten up, de-stress from daily anxieties, and embrace playtime as a necessary tool for our health and vitality.
  • Learning how to love ourselves, exactly the way we are, because our bodies are the vessels that carry our spirits, and we only receive one.
  • Embracing the art of manifestation, so that we can begin to embody what we truly desire.

Ready to say YES? We know you are, click here to come join us.

And don’t forget, come hang out with us and hit that play button too.

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