Episode 60: Getting Human AF with Peta Kelly

This week we sit down with self proclaimed Human AF, Peta Kelly. Peta is an entrepreneur (who started making 7 figures in her mid-20’s), a speaker, a humanitarian, an environmentalist, a mother, a writer, and THE voice of the Millennial generation.

If her name sounds familiar that’s probably because you’ve seen her all over social media, or maybe you own a copy of her new book, Earth is Hiring, or maybe you’ve stumbled upon her lectures, website, or videos. Either way, she’s out there in the world doing pretty epic work and we are thrilled to have her on the show today.

…. if you haven’t heard of her, get excited. You’re about to have a new favorite.

In today’s conversation, we talk about Peta’s new book: Earth is Hiring. But wait, what exactly is she hiring us to do?

Obviously we asked this question and many, many more.

Peta deep dives with us about:

  • Sustainability and the meaning, importance, and relevance of conscious enterprise.
  • Money, and why changing our money stories are paramount if we ever want to do the work that matters. Her perspective on this is incredibly important for all of us to hear.
  • Her life motto – WWMND, What Would Mother Nature Do? And how to align our actions with what the Earth needs.
  • Align… that word. We go hard on this topic. As in, what it really is, why it matters when it comes to producing quality and heart-centered work, and how to find it if you feel like you’ve lost it.
  • The meaning of success, how it’s changed and why it’s time to alter our definitions of it ASAP.
  • And finally, masculine vs. feminine energy and how it has nothing to do with “right and wrong” and everything to do with finding your own inner aligned balance of the two.

Yeah… we know… it’s a lot. But Peta is just one of those people. She’s packed with inspiration, information, and passion to boot.

Her mission is simple: it’s time to inspire a new generation of change makers. We can no longer sit back and wait for change, we must grab it bravely and walk boldly with it to the frontlines, all while honoring the Earth, ourselves, and each other.

Ready to get Human AF? Listen now!

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • What we do does not matter as much as how we feel
  • If we want to live in harmony with planet Earth and with each other, then we have to match our vibration to that of the Earth.
  • Our energy is the most important thing, we have to take responsibility for our vibrations.
  • We are Mother Nature, all of us are extensions of the Earth.
  • How you live your life is the greatest way that you can serve the world.
  • The stuck times are perfect because they are our guides to our next evolution – if you are feeling stuck it is because something is misaligned. Use this as a sign to move some things around.
  • Circulating energy: move energy through your life so that you can move stagnant energy out of your body and invite new energy in. Here’s how to do it: travel, go to a new coffee shop, wear a new outfit, go for a walk in a new place.
  • Your money will follow your alignment. Money follows feeling good. This is the way the world works.
  • Money is responding to our energetic instructions we are giving to it. Upgrade your money story money will upgrade.
  • You know your money story by the way you talk about money.
  • Sometimes alignment is working 16 hours a day, sometimes it is working 6. Only you know the answer to what is working for YOU.
  • Businesses are divine entities that are looking for the right human to bring them to life.
  • Success is a feeling it is not a resume, an accomplishment, or an achievement. It can only be success if it feels in alignment with you.
  • Stop letting your pursuit of success pull you out of the success you already have.
  • Not everything is meant to go forever.
  • The masculine and feminine is about finding the right balance that works for you, the polarity.
  • Become the guru of your own life.

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