Knock-out the Burnout

Sometimes, we just reach a breaking point. We all want success, but at what cost? Should we risk our health, sanity, relationships and overall happiness to get to where we want to be? Definitely not. Do we do it anyway? Yes.

Why? Because getting in the flow takes work. Like, a lot of work.

It can take hours, days, weeks, or months just to get to a place where we feel like we are actually producing work that matters to us. Asking us to get out of that place just because we may be experiencing a teensy-weensy bit of burnout doesn’t really seem fair…

Or does it?

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: it takes forever to get in the flow, you start flowing, you become all consumed by your work, you simultaneously take on other projects (personal, professional, whatevs), you compare yourself to other people also doing the work and decide you should do more so that you can be like them, you forget to take care of yourself (personally, professionally, whatevs), and you end up exhausted, depleted, and ready to throw all the work away only to start the viscous cycle all over again as soon as your brain is up for it? …. [raises hand]….

Listen, producing quality work is important, but maintaining our overall well-being matters more.

If both things are high on our list of priorities: success and self-care, how are we supposed to juggle the two? Life is a see-saw, if we succeed at one thing we are undoubtedly failing at something else. This isn’t meant to be depressing, it’s meant to be honest. HONESTLY, we cannot succeed at everything all at the same time. In order to find any sort of acceptance with the balance of life, we must honor that statement to be true.

Now, what do we do with that information?

We unpack our secret self-care arsenal.

It’s no secret that self-care is the only weapon that can help us remain as balanced as possible (while accepting that we’ll never be fully balanced… catch 22, we know) in order to avoid the tragic burnout scenario mentioned above.

Yes, self-care is a ridiculous buzz word that has grown to be a shiny unattainable unicorn that sometimes holds no significance whatsoever.

But self-care is also an incredible tool that can help take us from a place of burnout to a place of fulfillment, from a place of lack to a place of love, and from a place of confusion to a place of clarity. Again, it is the ONLY secret weapon with these capabilities! Pretty epic stuff.

In order to use our self-care secrets to their fullest potential, we have to assess our burnout situations on a case by case basis. Each of us is going through something different, and as such our needs will vary. We are well aware of this, but we also believe that there are some foolproof self-care methods that can help bring anyone back from the brink of a burnout.

Seek Joy

Happiness is pretty much the answer to everything. Smiling and laughter can help turn almost any situation from bad to good. What makes you the happiest you? Getting outside? Reading? Running? Cooking? Petting your dog? It doesn’t matter what it is. No seriously, it really doesn’t matter what it is (as long as you’re not committing a crime). Find your happy place and go there for a little bit when you feel the burnout coming on. Your future self will thank you.

Get Creative

Can we please finally ditch the idea that creativity has anything to do with the arts? Because it doesn’t. Creativity means living up to the greatest expression of who you are. That’s a fancy way of saying that you are living your truth. What is your truth? Maybe it is that you like buying vintage clothes and re-purposing them. Maybe you’re a computer engineer and you like writing code. Whatever!

Much like joy, creativity has a magical ability to take us away from the tense burnout state and into a state of bliss and ease. Sure, creativity is different for each person, but we will no longer stand to hear anyone say that they are “not creative”. We are all creative simply because we are human beings. Now, GO! Create!  Find your center; you can get back to your work flow later.

Get Inspired

Before we let the burnout get the best of us and we find ourselves stomping off in frustration, let’s get constructive. Nothing says “F YOU” to a mind block than a major dose of inspiration. Again, another unicorn term, we know, but hey… the proof is in the pudding. Think about it, when you feel like crap and you watch and epic TED talk, suddenly you find that your spark has been re-lit! What about when you’ve hit a wall, but then you meet up with an inspiring friend or mentor, or have a conversation with someone cool that actually matters, and next thing you know, you’re back on the damn horse. Inspiration works every time – albeit from movies, the internet, or other human beings. It works.

We can’t do it all. We’re never going to be able to do it all. But, we want it all…. And that’s okay. Hell, that’s great. We just have the find the best way to juggle it so that we don’t drop all the balls at once. The more we take care of ourselves the better we are in every aspect of our lives, especially the bad-ass professional part.

So, who’s ready to knock-out their burnout and get back to making it all work?

You can listen to our conversation with real life boss babe Melyssa Griffin here – she jams on how she climbed the ladder of success without burning out and while maintaining her well-being – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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